Sparking Creativity

Staff-Led Spark Weeks Keep Creativity Fresh

Words by Tamrah Chalom, Marketing & Communications Manager
Published August 9, 2023
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Creativity can originate from anywhere – from the mundane routines of daily life to the extraordinary experiences that shape our worldview. As an agency that thrives on challenging the status quo, NJI recognizes the need to shake things up every once in a while — to change the energy in the room and see what happens. We created Spark Weeks to do just that.

Each Spark Week is developed and led by a different team member to encourage participants to see and think in new ways. Client-focused teams, creative divisions, cross-functional portfolios, or spontaneous groups — there’s no limit on who can create or host a Spark Week. The format is adaptable for remote, in-person, and hybrid teams, and the sparks can come from anywhere.

This past year, NJI began experimenting with Spark activities to foster engagement and deepen learning. In one activity, Vice President of Project Management Melissa Carle invited team members to visit local art exhibits to immerse themselves in various forms of artistic expression. The team was asked to share their impressions and insights with the larger group. In another activity, Project Manager Kate Phillips selected a book for the group to read. She then led a presentation and team discussion about the book and its relevance to the team’s work at NJI.

Most recently, Project Manager Janey Blackwell-Orr facilitated a Spark activity on “hot trends.” She invited team members to submit topics of their choosing, and then the team analyzed together to determine if each trend was “hot” or “not.” This session sparked lively debates and fostered camaraderie through play.

Spark Weeks bring a wealth of creative benefits to professional teams, helping to ensure that we continually stretch our boundaries and explore new horizons. The diverse range of content introduces new ideas and perspectives that expand knowledge, spark creativity, and spur innovation — a win-win for our teams and for the work we ultimately deliver to clients.

Spark Week Framework

Consuming content that is outside a person’s daily rhymes and interests open minds and inspires new perspectives. Below is a multitude of sparks to encourage your team to look, listen, and learn in new ways both together and independently. Making space to have and share these experiences is essential to fostering a real spark among teams.

A 4x3 table with the following cells from left to right, top to bottom: Books, Art, Albums; Podcasts, Performances, Sharing; Workouts, Experiences, Gardening; Cooking, Games, Poetry.