The Pixel Questionnaire: Rikki Acuna

Words by NJI
Published February 6, 2024
Last Updated June 26, 2024

Our Chief Panda Officer, always near the genesis of an inspired idea (or cocktail), often recalls Marcel Proust’s wit for answering Victorian parlor game questions. Pixel has traveled far from the salons of Paris, but her interest remains piqued in which questions truly reflect a person’s character. Packing just the right amount of punch, NJI created The Pixel Questionnaire to give a glimpse into the inner workings of some of our most intriguing minds.

Pixel recently joined Project Manager Rikki Acuna for the best iced vanilla latte in DC, and chatted about the environment, books, architecture, and concerts.

I would love to have the ability of Self-Cloning. If there were three of me, I could not only always be on call for clients, but nap and do household chores all at the same time!

Vegan dinner parties, because it definitely tastes like real chicken.

It’s so hard to choose, but I would have to say all my giraffes. I am obsessed with giraffes, so all my friends and family always get my giraffe-related gifts everything from: mugs, shirts, stuffed animals, blankets, clothes. I really do love them all so dearly.

Yell for help until someone rescued me.

A Cadillac Margarita!

June 1984, when shoulder pads were in, hairspray was causing a hole in the ozone layer and Prince’s Purple Rain album just released. I absolutely love everything about the 80s from the fashion to the music. The decade has inspired me ever since I was a teenager, it taught me to love my frizzy hair and bushy eyebrows. I think if I did go back in time, I wouldn’t go back to the future.

Live, Laugh, and Cry.

Garden gnomes are atrocious. You can put that on my epitaph.

I would give my new elephant a magic feather and teach it how to fly.

My Nintendo Switch, so I can play Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The gift of my presence!

I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Insomnia? Never heard of her.

A turtle and a peacock. Turtles have a reputation of being shy, while peacocks are known for being flamboyant. I would love to see what a hybrid of the two looks like.

As an Angeleno and a hardcore Dodger fan, I would have to say Dodger dogs. The best hot dogs in the world can be found at Dodger Stadium and I stand by that.

I hate running. Whenever I drive and see people run I think they look really cool, and I wish I could be like them with the AirPods and the cute running shoes and headband. But every time I try to run it feels like I’m on death’s door.

I cannot spell the word ‘restaurant’, every time I try to spell it without autocorrect I get it wrong.

My best friend from back home. I wouldn’t want to be that annoying person on a plane talking to a stranger, so why not laugh and be silly with my best friend.

I think I would be the ringmaster in a circus. Managing projects at NJI has greatly improved my leadership skills which is exactly what a ringmaster needs. Maybe I’ve found my new calling…

I would jump into a pool of money if it meant I got to keep it all.

If I could talk to one species of animals it would most likely be birds. I’m actually terrified of birds, but if I were able to talk to them, I think I would be a little less afraid.

David Attenborough is my biggest inspiration. His love of wildlife and his curiosity is evident in all his documentaries. He’s used his voice to help millions of people understand the natural world and inspire action to preserve it. Despite these threats being very real, he’s always remained positive and hopeful for the future of Earth.

Whatever it takes to get the job done!

Mad Men, but because NJI is majority women, I suppose the show would be called Mad Women.