Josh Shultz



As President of NJI Media, Josh has charted an innovative approach to strategic services and team management. While at NJI Media, Josh runs the day-to-day operations, helps shape the creative concepts, architectures and interactive strategies instrumental in helping clients introduce digital initiatives that ensure they succeed online. For more than 10 years, Josh has directed online communications campaigns for some of the largest non-profit groups and associations in D.C.

Josh is a seasoned strategic communications professional with more than fifteen years of digital media experience. Before joining NJI Media, Josh served as the Digital Director for the NRCC and also held a top position as a technology advisor to the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives.

Most recently, Josh was profiled in the Washingtonian Magazine as one of two founders of the award-winning media outlet FamousDC.

Josh lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife, and three amazing children. He’s also a proud Texan and graduate of Texas A&M.

What is your favorite activity?

Hanging out with my wife and three kids.

What is your preferred condiment?


What are you an influencer of?

Memorable analogies

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