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Throughout his career, Nathan Imperiale has been a trailblazer in the digital media industry. He has been lauded as “one of the youngest and most talented operatives” in the field of digital communications. Imperiale has advised top congressional leaders, executive branch officials, corporations and issue advocacy groups on digital communications strategies. Nathan has served as a Partner at Endeavour Global Solutions, worked with the Director of E-Communications at the White House and started Capitol Hill’s first-ever new media department.

As a partner at Endeavour Global Strategies, Nathan led the digital communications practice for one of DC’s most sought-after boutique public relations firms. While at Endeavour, he directed online communications campaigns for some of the largest non-profit groups and associations in D.C.

As Director of New Media for the House Republican Conference, Nathan developed the first full-service new media department on Capitol Hill. The department provided online communications counsel and assistance to every Republican House member. During his tenure, Nathan launched a national public service campaign, produced viral web videos and successfully increased the number of Republicans using social networking tools. Nathan and his team also launched a rebranding campaign for the House Republican Conference.

Nathan’s experience with video production, print media, online marketing, web development and social network optimization make him uniquely qualified to handle high profile digital media campaigns.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

Willy Wonka

What is your dream job?

Celebrity chef

What are you an influencer of?

According to Klout, ice cream.

When I'm not at work, I

am starting a new construction project at home.

What is your favorite activity?


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