Nathan Imperiale



Nathan drives the mission and growth of NJI Media. Nathan’s impeccable attention to detail, and his unwavering commitment to challenge the status quo, ensures that NJI Media continues its trajectory as an industry leading agency.

His responsibilities include managing business development, expanding partnerships, overseeing creative, ensuring an extreme level of quality control, promoting an enthusiastic team culture, and driving an unmatched level of customer service.

Imperiale launched Endeavour Global Strategies with Sean Spicer, worked with the Director of E-Communications at the White House and launched Capitol Hill’s first-ever digital media department.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

Willy Wonka

What is your dream job?

Celebrity chef

What are you an influencer of?

According to Klout, ice cream.

When I'm not at work, I

am starting a new construction project at home.

What is your favorite activity?


Most Recent from Nathan

In Case You Missed It: A Night on the NJI Boardwalk

All good things must come to an end — even Summer. To celebrate, we recently hosted our first ever NJI Boardwalk Happy Hour. A huge thank you to each of our clients and friends who came out and joined us! The Boardwalk was complete with the comforts of vacation (without the sunburn). The margaritas were flowing, the french fries were plentiful and the games were reminiscent of family vacations past. Don’t worry if you missed it – we made sure our night was well-documented.   

September 1, 2016