The Story of Electricity

Mason Plunkett

Category: Creative


After wrapping up the redesign of the Institute for Energy Research’s flagship website last spring, we met with IER to tackle their next project: The Story of Electricity.

The main goal was to create a cool microsite experience that explains the power grid and illustrates the miracle of everyday energy. Most people don’t think about the source of our electricity, but where would we be without our lightblubs, TVs, computers, phones, and HV/AC units?

The design team brought this story to life through a series of scenes that show how electricity gets from the powerplant to your home. By combining illustrated image cutaways, CSS, Javascript animations and a bit of visual trickery, we were able to illustrate The Story of Electricity through a continuous, engaging narrative.

We had a blast bringing this project to life.  Check out the preview below, and experience the final product over at




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