The Poo Taboo

Full site overhaul for the DefeatDD (diarrheal disease) initiative of PATH, one of the world's leading global health nonprofits

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Project Brief

Confronting a new site for diarrheal disease (DD), the key task was clear: Get people past stigma to help end a 100% defeatable killer that remains the world's second-most deadly disease for children under five.

Our Approach

In the words of PATH, “defeating DD requires getting past the "poo taboo" so that people will "make a stink about the problem." This taboo forced our team to think outside the box, and find a solution that made “poo taboo” cool again.

We began with a design built on big, bold type and an eye-catching palette. These elements combine with large photos and cheerful, custom illustration to visually communicate that DD is nothing to be squeamish about or ashamed of.

At the same time, we worked with PATH to present information in a more personal way, again relying heavily on photos and illustration. Content "cards" on the home page also allow PATH to elevate its best blog content — material deeply buried on the earlier site.

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