We’re an agency of smart and passionate people doing what we love.

What We Do

  • Strategy

    Through deep research and analysis, our strategy and client services team uncovers the best digital solutions and online opportunities for our clients.

  • Creative

    We create intuitive, engaging designs for any medium, fine-tuned to motivate and inspire.

  • Interactive

    Our technology team is constantly creating, finding and refining the most advanced and useful digital tools to suit our clients' needs for any digital product.


Where the Magic Happens


Keeping an office as lively as NJI moving smoothly is no small feat. More so than the reclaimed barn wood our desks sit on, the operations team is the foundation that allows the team to function in sync.

Strategic Services

We’ve corralled the best account managers, strategists and project managers into NJI’s Strategic Services team. After working with NJI’s creative and development shops to get your project done right, they’ll be the ones measuring and results and gathering insights.  Creative, practical and analytical, some even say they smell good.


We love great food. We often cater lunches for our clients and staff, so stop on by and join us for one of our sumptuous feasts. There’s also a self-serve cocktail and espresso bar. Help yourself!

The Table

A one-ton solid teak conference room table that has been known to double as a dance floor.


Communication is a great thing. Where is a great place to communicate? In the conference room. Whether we’re talking with clients, learning from each other or getting in touch with our inner selves, the meeting room is a great place to make ideas happen.


In the Executive Office our fearless leaders steer the ship and coo at Nathan’s small dog, Teddy. No suits allowed.


From ideation, to wireframes to final designs, our creative team are manipulating pixels in ways that would make Picasso blush. Also where you’ll find the best dressed team (most plaid, at least).


The Skybox is NJI Media’s inner sanctum. Special clearance required. (There’s also a bar inside, so being over 21 helps.)


The glass enclosure around the interactive team allows for sunlight and wry humor to reach all corners of the development floor. One comes naturally, the sunlight we insist on. Here they’re busy breathing life into projects big and small.


Take a look outside and you might see the NJI chopper coming in for a landing on the roof. Take the ladder up to the helipad for a quick escape.

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