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We believe that creativity extends beyond the workplace. Stepping back from the daily grind fosters fresh ideas and new perspectives, making us better strategists and problem-solvers when we return to work. NJI encourages our employees to take time off to recharge and explore new opportunities with extensive PTO, wellness days, and a generous vacation bonus. 

Last year, our team ventured across the globe, from Peru to Tanzania, seeking new experiences and perspectives. These travels have not only enriched our lives, but also infused our work with creativity and insight. 

Escaping to Nature

Project Director Beth Reiser and Managing Director of Accounts Daniel Kemether took time off in 2023 to enjoy nature.

Beth’s Annual Summer Trip to Maine

“Visiting Bailey Island every summer reminds me to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty around us. Our cottage has never had a television, so we always find new ways to entertain ourselves.” – Beth Reiser, Project Director

Daniel’s Adventures in Peru

“The most memorable moment was summiting Rainbow Mountain, which is 17,060 feet above sea level. You can only stay up there for 10 minutes before you need to descend because of the lack of oxygen. It is a surreal sight to stand atop the valley, swinging between intense energy and severe exhaustion in the matter of minutes. Escaping into nature does wonders for recharging our batteries.” – Daniel Kemether, Managing Director of Accounts 

Visiting Family

Senior Project Manager Kate Phillips, Marketing & Communications Manager Tamrah Chalom, and Human Resources Manager Kirsten Tieder traveled to new places to visit family.

Kate Met Her Husband’s Extended Family in Mongolia

“Traveling through the country and seeing all the various landscapes from lava fields to lakes and mountains was indescribable.” – Kate Phillips, Senior Project Manager

Tamrah Visited Her Great-Uncle in France

“It was really nice seeing my great-uncle and meeting my dad’s cousin. I learned about my family’s history and resilience from religious persecution. I also enjoyed the food, culture, and architecture in Paris and Cannes. I felt rejuvenated after the trip.” – Tamrah Chalom, Marketing & Communications Manager

Kirsten’s Family Trip to Florida

“We visited a small aquarium and my son was absolutely mesmerized by all the fish. This was our first vacation where he could process his surroundings. It was so fun seeing what would catch his eye and bring a smile to his face.” – Kirsten Tieder, Human Resources Manager

Artistic Getaways 

Project Coordinator Courtney Chauncey and Project Manager Janey Blackwell-Orr found inspiration in art and music.

Courtney Gleaned Inspiration From the Art Basel in Miami

“Strolling around Art Basel and admiring the beautiful artwork helped me get in touch with my creative side again and push me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always had a passion for art, whether that be photography or painting. I use art to express my emotions and help calm my mind and Art Basel reminded me to never give that up.” – Courtney Chauncey, Project Coordinator

Janey and Friends Enjoyed the Newport Folk Festival

“Each summer we escape the city to enjoy the slow, simple living of a New England beach town. The Newport Folk Festival this year was filled with beautiful weather, talented musicians, and great food. It was an amazing experience to see some of my favorite artists, like Lana Del Rey, Caamp, Remi Wolf, and Billy Strings, in one place.” – Janey Blackwell-Orr, Project Manager

Triumphs and Milestones

Senior Account Manager Aubrey Peterson conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, Project Manager Kalyx Lyons celebrated graduating from UNC with a trip to Greece, and Project Manager Natalie Langan traveled to Europe for her 30th birthday.

Aubrey Officiated Her Best Friend’s Wedding Mid-Trek

“Watching my friends say ‘I do’ after a particularly challenging day of the hike made all the effort well worth it. My experience in Tanzania also reinforced that people are not their governments, and you can find connection through simple conversation.” – Aubrey Peterson, Senior Account Manager

Kalyx Explored Meteora in Greece

“Being surrounded by such beautiful, natural formations deep in the mountains while learning about the rich history and unwavering faith of the monks who reside there was humbling. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and perspective.” – Kalyx Lyons, Project Manager

Natalie’s Escapade to Italy, France, and Switzerland

“Hiking the Hardergrat trail in Interlaken, Switzerland, challenged me in the worst and best of ways, but the view at the top made it worth it. In Italy, I visited the architectural marvel the Duomo and saw works of art from my favorite Italian painter, Caravaggio. In France, I raved with locals in the street during the festival of music, tasted the New Age gastronomy and classic bouchon from Michelin-starred restaurants for the first time, and made my own perfume. My travels opened me up to conversations with locals and trying new things.” – Natalie Langan, Project Manager

As our team reflects on the adventures of 2023, we’re reminded of the power of exploration, the joy of shared moments, and the inspiration in new experiences. This year, we’re excited to pursue new adventures and continue to challenge the status quo both inside and outside of the workplace.

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