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Welcome to the NJI Media blog, where we’ll reveal the magic behind everything from development to design to strategy to a duck parade outside of our office’s windows. You read that right.


Welcome to the Moulin Bleu

NJI Media kicked off our marathon of holiday events this season with our Moulin Bleu party last Thursday night. The company is known for their award winning digital design, web development, and multi media production for some of the top companies in DC and internationally. NJI teamed up with FamousDC to produce the event and the design, decor, and digital creations were off the charts at this year’s client and team appreciation party. The night was full of entertainment, fine food, and libations. We assure you you’ve never been to a work event like this before.

November 23, 2015 No Comments

Top 5 Techniques for Ideation

Ideation demands the highest percentage of the designer’s process. Rarely do we simply hop on the computer and crank out a successful combination of type and image. If you see us do this at work, it’s not because the idea spontaneously appeared: it’s because we’ve spent the whole night and morning thinking about the challenge. You’ll find spontaneity rarely contributes to ideation and tangible media plays a key role in refinement.

November 17, 2015 No Comments

Andrew Fimka Joins the NJI Media Team as Senior VP of Strategy

NJI Media, a leading digital agency in Washington, D.C., is thrilled to announce that Andrew Fimka has joined our team as Senior Vice President. Andrew will be responsible for leading the strategy and clients services division at NJI Media, as well as expanding our digital marketing portfolio.

November 4, 2015 No Comments

NJI Media is Google Analytics Certified

For those of you following along at home, you may remember that we recently taught you how to not fail the Google Analytics IQ Exam. Update: the hard work paid off and NJI Media is officially Google Analytics Certified! Bounce Rates, Cohort Analysis, Search Engine Optimizations, Trackbacks, Content Drilldowns… If this stuff sounds like a foreign language to you – let us be your translator. Congratulations NJI MEDIA you are now Google Analytics certified! #BoomGoesTheDynamite

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