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NextMatch.Us Brought to You by NJI’s Shultz Division

As part of NJI Media’s development team, I hear this question all the time: “How hard would it be to [do ridiculously hard thing]?” Usually, though, that question isn’t “How hard would it be to build a countdown to the next US Women’s Soccer Team game in the World Cup by tomorrow?” However, that is what happened last […]

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So You Want to Set Up a Vagrant Environment

The problem with developing on local environments happens when everyone's environment is different. The same problem may not necessarily have the exact same solution in all the environments. So, setting up the exact same website on my local environment and on the environment of the person to my left might output no errors for me, but it could give her a blank screen. This slows us down.

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On Process, Practice and Learning

Back in late March, I attended the ModevUX Conference. I spent the day listening to inspiring user experience thoughts and musings from a variety of exceptionally talented folks, but one in particular resonated with me. Wren Lanier, who leads design and UX at Highrise, spoke about the ways in which designers fail and the necessity […]

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The Puppy Club at NJI Media

There are three main departments at the heart of NJI Media - strategy, design, and development. But there is one other division you may not know about - the canine branch.

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